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Totemic Masks: Mysterious Objects

  • 12″ x 8″ x 2″
  • Bronze platter and consumer objects
  • Years completed: 2014–2015

The Totemic Masks use the oval (from Cézanne) and various other forms to elucidate themes and ideas from industrial culture. The “Mysterious Objects” Series, which spans from the early to late twentieth century, shows the irony in such objects and art.

Shown here: “This is Not a Bus Tour,” a small postcard book on bronze platter and “In Advance of a Sore Back,” a toy rake on bronze platter.

“In Advance of a Sore Back” is what it says, and refers to Marcel Duchamp’s snow shovel titled “In Advance of a Broken Arm.”

“The This satiric art series includes reference to Socrates, original sin, government intelligence, the Hope Diamond, foreign policy and more.