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Olivier Messiaen Portrait Unveiled at the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival

Olivier Messiaen Portrait by Richard Light. Olivier Messiaen (left) / The Composer and His Muse (right)

Olivier Messiaen (left) / The Composer and His Muse (right)

At The Gilmore International Keyboard Festival’s concert Friday May 6 at 2 p.m., Kalamazoo pianist Lori Sims will perform works by French composers Claude Debussy and Olivier Messiaen.

In conjunction with the concert at the Wellspring Theater at the Epic Center, 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, the Festival will display two brand-new bronze portrait sculptures of Messiaen by Kalamazoo bronze sculptor Richard Light.

In 2015, Richard Light was commissioned by the Memorial Committee of Olivier Messiaen in France to do a portrait bust of the composer. Messiaen was an ornithologist and frequently employed bird calls in his music. When the piece was almost finished, the committee asked if the bronze could also include a bird. The result is two bronze sculptures, completed in February and April 2016, and unveiled at The Gilmore Festival Friday.

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