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Agora Design Partnership

Agora Design Partnership, with Richard Light principal, provides design services for public parks and other public spaces. We provide consultation on urban renovation, including demographics, location suitability, weather, environmental issues, and assessments for renovating existing spaces or conversion from other spaces to parks.

We also provide design services for public sculpture, memorials, and monuments. These are generally in bronze, steel or aluminum.

In 2000–2004, we designed the Arcadia Festival Place, which opened in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2004. The Arcadia Festival Place currently has 40 events between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The site serves as a downtown park, open to the public year round when not in use for festivals. Kalamazoo was named one of the Top 10 downtown turnarounds in the U.S. by the Urban Land Institute in 2007 mainly due to this park.

In 2008, we completed the Albert Einstein Memorial in Paris, France. This memorial consists of a large bronze bust of Albert Einstein, a base and an inscription of Einstein’s life and philosophy. It is owned by the College de France, Fifth Arrondissement, Paris, France.

Recent commissioned bronze projects include a bronze portrait bust of French composer Olivier Messiaen and a full-size bronze figure of humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg. Richard Light’s sculptures are exhibited coast to coast. His Totems Series was exhibited in five states in 2016.

Recent design projects include a gazebo and garden for a private client, studies for a farmers’ market, and upgrades to a park in the Fourth Arrondissement of Paris, France.

The Agora Design Studio maintains offices in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Paris, France.

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